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that time, oh, well there won't be any quality of life. well, the truth is, if i would have done that, my quality of life would have been much, much lower. i learned more from her and from him than any professor than i ever could have had. from new york, good night america. >> brett: good evening, i'm brett baier. this is fox news alert. we're awaiting go a news conference from republican governor scott walker. this democratic lawmakers held up a vote on a cost cutting measure that would limit collective bargaining rights of government workers. we have fox team coverage. mike tells us about reaction of president obama's comments on the situation, but we begin with correspondent mike tobin live in madison. good evening. >> reporter: capital grounds are
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swarming with people, putting pressure on scott walker. 14 democrats, however, are missing. those are the state senators that crossed state lines to prevent passage of the budget repair bill. components of the weakened collective bargaining the essence of union strength. >> this is what a governor gets when he threatens the power of the union. >> in a state where teachers' salaries and benefits total to more than $87,000 per year, 2.7% higher than the national average they understand the need to ante up for health care and a pension but the collective bargain they say is untouchable. >> i'm still willing to take the pay cuts but what i'm scared about we don't know where it will end. because all of our protection electing gone. >> scott walker wants the state
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legislature to pass a bill that would end the collective bargaining rights for public employees and in turn, increase their healthcare and pension payments. he says it will help ease the state's budget shortfall by about $30 million. the threat to collective bargaining shoots fear into unions across the nation bringing out the heavy hitters with a clear message, threaten one union and you threaten them all. >> you are stronger because the 12.5 million of the afl/cio are with you in solidarity. >> reporter: wisconsin state troopers are searching for the senators to no avail. they crossed state lines leaving state police with no authority to force their return. >> i would love to sleep in my own bed tonight, come up with a consensus, we are prepared to
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whatever it takes. >> reporter: so wisconsin remains one democratic shy of a quorum. governor scott walker without a legal remedy counts on legal pressure to compel them into the chamber they were elected to serve. >> they get paid to do the job. they don't get a paid to hide out in another state. the bottom line of, they should defend their position. >> reporter: now three things are happening right now. governor walker is preparing to speak. madison school district has filed an injunction preventing work stoppages on the part of the teachers and the house is preparing to vote on the budget repair bill. called the assembly here in wisconsin. you still need one more senator to move things forward. >> mike tobin, thank you. as we look live waiting for the wisconsin governor scott walker to come here and address reporters in the room we don't know exactly what he is going to
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say, whether there is a development in the negotiations. what we do know he is suggesting that president obama has better things to do than get involved in the situation. the president has injected himself before into such matters. white house correspondent mike emanuel has that part of the story. >> reporter: as he toured high-tech intel a controversy swirled over comments earlier this week regarding the wisconsin's budget repair bill. he clarified the president is understanding of state government needing to reduce spending and be fiscally responsible. he waded into the dispute when he told a tv station it appeared to be an assault on unions and, quote, i think it's important not to vilify them or suggest somehow hou all these budget problems are due to employees. they told the president to butt out. >> in balancing a budget it would be wise for the president
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and others in washington to balancing their budget which they are long ways from doing. >> john boehner has defended the governor accusing the political organization of colluding with special interest allies across the country that are making the tough choices that the president is avoiding. >> not lost in all of this wisconsin is the battleground state which mr. obama has visited several times. ohio is another battleground where mr. obama is visiting next week and probably similar battle over the budget. it's about saving. >> we have en getting killed out here in terms of economic growth job growth, loss of population, loss of knowledgeable workers. >> this is not the first time mr. obama has inserted himself. in 2009 the president weighed on
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the henry lewis gates and said the police acted stupidly. the result of that comment was the summit. then in april of last year, president obama called the law misguided. to to following that remark a meeting with the governor jan brewer. but they say this case is uniquely political cal. >> wisconsin is a state that obama must have in november 2012. i think he is trying to re-energize his base. he is reconnecting with unions, with teachers, with the people that helped him win wisconsin by a mile in 2008. >> reporter: democratic party officials say their role is being exaggerated and they say it's mostly a grassroots effort. >> jon: as promised let's go back to madison and listen live to republican governor scott walker. >> particularly i want to thank the 300,000 plus state and local workers from across wisconsin
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who, unlike those here today, didn't skip out of work. showed up for their jobs. did their jobs the way they had done in the past and will do in the future. that is good professional public servants. certainly the folks outside have every right to be heard. there are 5.5 million people in the state. taxpayers have every right to be heard. we're not going to allow for one minute the protestors to feel they can drown out the voices of millions of taxpayers all across the state of wisconsin. what we're asking for and continue to be pushing for in this capital is bold when it comes to politics. bold political move but any time you challenge the status quo, its modest request of our government workers all across the state. when i was traveling around the state it's worth repeating because we've heard it time and
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time again. when i was talking to manufacturing plants to blue collar workers, in many cases they are paying 25-50% of their health care costs. most of them don't have pensions and those that have 401ks many had seen the contributions from the employer have been suspended in the last year or two because as the economy made it difficult in order to preserve jobs. that is in contrast to the very modest requests we're asking for which is 5.8% contribution to the pension system and a 12.6% contribution from state workers for their healthcare premium. that is half the national average. to the workers i talked to around the state and continue to hear from, they think that is deal they would love to have. i know when i talked to others in my family, they point out my brother who is many ways a typical middle-class family, they both work and have two kids
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they are paying $700, $800 a month for healthcare and money they set aside for their 401-k. we are asking for a reasonable piece to balance the budget. wisconsin $3.6 billion deficit that we face going into the next year. we are broke. like nearly every state we don't have any money. we have been broke for years. two years ago they delayed the pain by taking $2.2 billion stimulus money and instead of using that one time costs, like infrastructure, they used to plug it in $2.2 billion in medicaid and school aid deficits. that is part of the reason we're here today. they failed to make tough decisions two years and we're making tough tough decisions and help local governments to balance their buy so to make sure that our kids and kids' kids don't have to deal with these crisis.
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we're here because we are elected to make tough decisions. i was elected and i interviewed for this job over the last two years and told the voters what i would do to get the people working against. we made bold changes in turning the business climate around to make it easier for private sector employers to put people to work to ease up regulation and cost of healthcare. now, the next the question for us is to balance our budget and do it in the way that is prudent for the future not only for state but ultimately local governments can have those same tools. that really what we're had he heart of today. i want to clarify, i have heard from several days in some union leaders at the state level the same unions that tried to cram through a series of employee contracts in december, after the election, before i was sworn this who had no interest in talking to us again about
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negotiating but wanted to get that push through, they still had the previous majorities in place. unfortunately they failed to do so but now are interested in negotiating. again, we don't have any money. we can't make a good faith to negotiate when we don't have any money. but at the state level in the past decade the average amount of time for a contract negotiation has taken 15 months. reality beyond that is for our local governments -- i used to be a local county executive. i know this well firsthand, we can't expect for 72 counties for 424 school districts and thousands of municipal governments across the state of wisconsin to magically because a few people are suggesting they might be willing to come to the table we can ensure that every jurisdiction is able to achieve these savings because a few people are now at the 11th hour claiming they want to negotiate. the bottom line to ensure what
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is going to happen in a week, when we introduce our budget and there will be reductions to aid from government to local areas but unlike new york and california they cut billions of dollars from schools, from the universities system and ultimately from the local governments without giving them any tools, in this bill we are giving them the times to ensure they don't have to incur massive layoffs and they don't have to cut at state and school districts. that is what this is all about. to protect the local governments we need to give them the tools, they have been asking for and been asking for decades and that is exactly what they are going to get. it seems as more national and political figures comes into the capital the facts to be strained further away from the truth. we have heard some pretty big
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ones today. we do have a financial crisis in this state. we do in this current year. the reality because the way the previous governor budgeted we have a short fall when it comes to medicaid. we have a gap when it comes to the correction system. we have a gap when it comes to the public defender. we owe $60 million to the state of minnesota because the failed payment from the previous governor for tax. we have bill collectors to collect bill pds and we take care of the bills that we owe. they will be forthcoming and more so in the future. we are going to do what it takes to get the budget on track and we're going to make sure we're set up come july 1st when the next by an annual budget that we have the tools to make sure that all the local governments to balance the budgets with these very modest proposals to allow all of us, myself included, my
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cabinet and legislature and to help make more in pension and healthcare contributions. i know there are a bunch of questions. we'll take a few. >> in the collective bargaining, they say things about collective bargaining? >> the bottom line, again as a local government official, you are going to see major cuts in aid to local governments which is going to come. nearly every governor is doing. the only way i can ensure to the public and this state that those cuts won't lead to massive layoffs to city and government workers, major cuts and services at the local levels. if they have the authority to set pension levels the way we're outlining in this bill. if you have collective bargaining agreements in place there is no guarantee that those
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savings will be materialized. >> but.... >> we allow local and state governments to determine what the pension and healthcare bills are in the future. that is what local governments have been asking for years. i didn't have that one when i was a county executive. that is time and time and again, i asked for simple changes in terms of healthcare contributions. i even asked for a 35-hour workweek. their response, we don't want it. you can go do something else. reality, i think the people at stake because it will affect services negatively and because in this environment and this economy, i don't think many of us other than a few of the union leaders want anybody laid off at a time when the economy is so tough. (question is inaudible)
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i think the president has his hands full balancing the budget. he should stick with balancing the budget. >> simply put because of what has happened with the 14 members of the state senate democratic caucus. we're not sure when they can come back in and take the vote. there is a majority of members who are ready to vote and vote for that measure just as there is an assembly. unfortunately members of the state senate who out of those 14 let me remind everybody, 13 of them two years voted for the budget adjustment bill by one billion dollars. that bill was introduced on wednesday. it was voted on thursday. so apparently two years ago, 24 hours was time enough to raise taxes and the taxpayers of
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wisconsin by a billion dollars and unprecedented 17 hours of public hearing testimony by the joint finance committee is not long enough. the reality they are not doing their job. they belong back here just like all the state workers and local workers across the state which i appreciate went to work today to do their jobs. state senate needs to do their job. until they do we're going to wait because it's imperative we get this done first. abilities. >> modest in terms of what we are asking for. if you ask the people who are paying 25% or more for their healthcare, right, in this state we have the strongest civil service system in the country. our rights are not guaranteed by collective bargaining, they are
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gawd by civil service system in the state. civil service includes merit hiring and just cause when it comes to termination. those don't expire in collective bargaining and a lot of folks that are being motivated by the unionship don't recognize those rights are not because of the collective bargaining they are because of the civil service system. for those outside the government who overwhelmingly are paying more than double what we're asking for in this measure, they look and say where do i sign up for this? this is remarkable. every factory worker i talked who is paying 25-50% for healthcare premiums who doesn't have a pension and has to pay 401-k. every one looks and say, i don't
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get that, but that guy has to pay for it. that guy has to pay the difference on the fact while he is not getting a fraction of what our state and local government employees are getting he has to pay the bill for everybody else. it's a basic issue. i'm going to let other people ask. what is that? ♪ question is inaudible). >> the exit strategy is for the people of the state, particularly in those 14 state senate districts regardless of how they feel about the bill whether expectation whether their senator was klktd last november or two years prior had a sincere expectation that serve ultimately will show up and do their jobs. people talk about democracy. you can't participate in democracy if you are not in the arena. the arena is not in rockford,
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illinois. it's in madison, wisconsin. it's time for those state senators to come home. if they want to debate or discuss this and argue the merits of their position, come offer amendments or discussion but hiding out in another state is another a way for democracy to operate. a handful of people don't get to drive the majority. they should have every right to be heard. >> what's that? >> again i hope the majority of the people in this state no matter what they think about this bill ultimately believe that members of the state legislature should be working. it's a core belief. you can't operate in a democracy if nobody doesn't show up. this is much longer debate in budget adjustment bill. i never remember a 17 hour
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hearing. one most remarkable things since midnight last night we've gotten 19,000 e-mails to this office alone. majority have been in favor of what we are proposing. so we are bolstered by the fact, you hear the people. they have every right to be heard but we're not going to let these voices overshadow and overpower the voices of the taxpayers across the state and that met balancing the budget. thanks for your time. >> brett: republican governor scott walker, addressing concerns about a collective bargaining right saying that his state, wisconsin, is broke. facing a $3.6 billion deficit and he called it reasonable and modest requests requests to contribute to their pensions and health insurance and half the national average. the average contract negotiation
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dealing with unions on these issues last 15 months. why is this so important? because it's going to hero states. ohio has seen it. new jersey there are other states dealing with the same issue. president obama is weighing in on this issue in wisconsin as well saying that he sees it as union busting. more on this with the panel later. >> house republicans advance several major cuts to a spending plan for the second half of the fiscal year. two weeks from the day the government theoretically runs out of cash. carl cameron is watching the developments. >> in the push to cut $61 billion from current spending, today it featured an amendment that would defund the president's healthcare act. >> my goal and the goal of the majority of americans is to repeal the new healthcare law, until then my objective is to defund. >> it his proposal outraged
6:23 pm
democrats. >> instead of searching for common ground, this amendment intensifies warfare. >> they argue it wastes hundred of millions of dollars and expected to lie in the supreme court. >> it's fiscally irresponsible to go forward with implementation until the court challenge is resolved. >> though president obama has vowed to veto the cuts, dmd raled. >> 125 million americans would lose coverage because of a preexisting medical condition. >> reporter: vowing to save billions and cover preexisting conditions the gop approved the defunding amendment. an amendment denying tax dollars to planned parenthood also passed, 240-185. jackie speier rebuked a can
6:24 pm
colleague for description of abortion procedure she had. >> for you to stand on this floor and suggest that somehow that this is a procedure that is either welcomed or done without any thought is preposterous. >> one lawmaker those that want more money are in the wrong place. the measure to sponsorship nascar was defeated by bipartisan open six. current funds run out two weeks from today but congress is out of town for presidents' day leaving where they oppose the cuts little time to cut a deal before the march 4 deadline. democrats claim boehner's opposition without cuts amounts to a shutdown threat. number two republican says they
6:25 pm
are posturing and it will pass to avert a shutdown. >> democrats can't stand the thought of spending less tax dollars and so they are going to shut the government down, that is not going to happen. >> reporter: congress takes a week off despite the urgency of this and go to the senate and try to get something completed. >> brett: have to go get that week off. a federal judge in florida has set a deadline for state suing over the healthcare law to say whether they will continue to enforce it during the journey through the court. the judge has declared the law unconstitutional. thursday the administration asked him to order the states to obey it while his ruling is being appealed. vincent has given states to next thursday to respond. obama administration has revised the beneficiary era rule for health care workers to do certain procedures on religious or moral grounds.
6:26 pm
they rescinded parts of the regulation. workers will still be protected by the conscience laws. wall street finished a week on on a good note. dow added 73. s&p 500 gained 2 1/2. nasdaq closed 2 1/3 ahead. up next, violence in the middle east. [ male announcer ] your favorite foods fighting you? fight back fast with tums. calcium rich tums goes to work in seconds. nothing works faster. ♪ tum ta tum tum tums nothing works faster. [music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front...
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>> brett: the u.s. today found
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in a tough diplomatic spot because of a palestinian resolution calling israeli settlement activity illegal. eric shawn has the story. >> reporter: no was the answer to the white house. despite the president's personal plea, the palestinian leadership rejected the plan. susan rice cast the lone veto. >> those against, 14 votes in favor. one vote against zero, abstention. >> and major test of the obama administration's support for israel and influence in the arab world. palestinians and arab nations pushed for the security council resolution that condemned israel's housing construction on the west bank as illegal. in the past u.s. administration's have threatened to veto such criticisms of
6:31 pm
israel but they admonished with a presidential statement. a weaker non-binding alternative that called them i will legitimacy instead of illegal but that was not good enough for the arab bloc. despite a call to mahmoud ahmadinejad urging the resolution be pulled abbas. >> we agree about the folly and i will gentlemen jit mass of continued israeli settlement activity we think it's unwise for this council to attempt to resolve the core issues that divide israelis and palestinians. >> the proper message that should have been sent by the security council to israel is that it's contempt of international law and international community will no longer be tolerated.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: critics blasted the administration for considering a rebuke of israel in u.n. presidential statement. >> this is actually unprecedented not for the united states to issue a veto threat, we are with israel. we stand with the people and the government of israel. >> reporter: israeli ambassador said the resolution should not have been brought up and they are calling on direct negotiations for peace. some observers are wondering if the council will ever issue a resolution supporting the cause for democracy and freedom in the middle east. >> brett: president obama today condemned the use of violence against protestors in bahrain, libya and yemen, it's been another day of turmoil in many middle eastern nations. doug has pictures, some of which
6:33 pm
you may find disturbing. >> bloody body that is amateur video carrying back the front lines in bahrain today was evidence for a turn of the worse. they reported scores of the wounded some victims of gunshots wound to the heads. stark contrast to infect you'll plea from the crown prince. >> i would like to address them with a message, a message as a citizen for them to be calm. we need time to evaluate what happened and to regroup and restore our humanity. >> reporter: but the words may have come too late bahrain, the protector of flow of oil from persian gulf to the world. bahrain the next-door neighbor to one of the most important, saudi arabia. both are predominantly she'ite. >> i think they are getting a lot of encouragement from the
6:34 pm
saudis because if the situation bahrain goes south, it would go fast and go into saudi arabia and it could be serious trouble. >> the likely winner, the she'ite stronghold of iran which today was apparently granted transit rights for ships to pass through the suez canal. israel was on greater alert but met with nonplus reaction. >> what is their intent and what is their cargo. we'll continue to watch the ships wherever they go. >> elsewhere, protests went like wildfire. yemen, thousand supporters clashed with anti-government protestors and protests were reported in scores of casualties
6:35 pm
in anti-muammar khadafy forces. >> and they made an paralegal for calm president obama says they condemn the use of violence against peaceful protestors. but it's unlikely to be heard against protestors that are clamoring for freedom and by despots that want to restrict it. new mexico democratic senator jeff bining ham will not seek a term. he announced retirement plans. two republicans have also said they will not run again. homeland security secretary says she will not run for arizona's open senate seat next year. the former arizona governor had been high on the democratic party prospects listen but she says she wants to stay in the obama administration. three-time republican jon kyl says he will not run for reelection. arizona congressman jeff flake
6:36 pm
has thrown his hat into the ring for that seat. >> we'll talk about the labor strife in wisconsin, as you look live inside the capital at madison and president obama's involvement when the fox all-stars join me after the ♪ we could've gone a more traditional route... ... but it wouldn't have been nearly as memorable. ♪
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crisis and here is rub, he did it so he can attack collective bargaining rights to pay back his rich buddies and ceos. >> we're focusing on balancing the budget. it would be wise for the president to balance their budget which they have a long ways prosecute doing. >> brett: the head of afl/cio as thousands turned out protesting this effort by republican governor scott walker. we, of course, heard a lot from
6:40 pm
him earlier in the broadcast as he talked about the budget problems in wisconsin saying the state is broke. what about this and how it translates across the nation and president obama's role in this. steve hayes, nia henderson and charles krauthammer. >> it's interesting to watch scott walker talking about the reasons he did this. in contrast to richard trump he makes a reasoned case about having run on this. this is what he said he was going to do. he campaigned on it for two years. he talked about it during his transition and he looked for ways to do this. what he is doing now. i agree with his assessment. he making modest requests in the state of wisconsin who are welcome pen stated to start paying, contribute to their own pensions and paying for their own he'll. i think it's a reasonable request.
6:41 pm
the longer this goes on, the more it helps scott walker. >> brett: the 14 state senators that left and went to illinois to escape, to really prevent a quorum and delay this vote is being seen by union leaders as heroes. let's take a listen to one of them. >> when the governor is willing to sit down and try a consensus and take a look at the legislation and how it affects wisconsin. that is a great movement forward. that is what we're waiting to see. >> brett: president obama said this may be about union busting. it's a battle that democrats really see is the future of unions and the future of really across the state? >> that is why you've seen so much attention, protests 25,000 folks coming out. the reason they do see it as union busting attempt.
6:42 pm
specifically this moo move but collective bargaining. so that is why you sigh this activity, invoke ago class warfare around this. unions are such an important part of the democratic constituency. that is why it's such a flash point. you have seen this in other states, whether washington or new york and democratic governors doing similar things but you haven't seen the outrage because they didn't see it as a real going to the heart of unions. >> brett: i tried to pin one on this last night but is it draws for president obama to go down this road? >> it is, because what you is see unions have been declining in terms of numbers and power over the last 20 years. 1950s, 75% of people support unions and now it's close to 40%. will you look side by side the benefit packages that workers
6:43 pm
get, there is some sweet deals people who are paying 25% of their health insurance premiums, it's not so bad if you are only paying 12%. >> i think the president has made this epic moment. what we're getting is an earthquake in the country, both at the national and state level. there is a sense in the country we are headed over a cliff fiscally and continuing the old ways. we look what happened in greece and france. we look at the mounting debt and threat to our economy. the national level, democrats' reaction is status quo. the president's budget is completely status quo offering nothing. it's the republicans who are going to offer changes even entitlements which almost revolutionary. it's ironic because obama ran for hope and change against the status quo. but we're what we're seeing at the state level is exactly the
6:44 pm
same things. governors trying to make a difference, trying to change the way business had been conducted because all of them are headed in bankruptcy. what it illustrates that liberalism in the country is classic liberalism. in the days of fdr to mid-70s, patrick moniyan, it was the party of new ideas, new deals. great society now all the ones, they want to hang on all the games it has even the world has changed, globalization, demographics and republicans are in favor of change. with identical hanging on to the budget as it is and union allies in the states, i think he is defining himself as a man of the past. in the end he could have a tactical success politically but its losing end. >> brett: instead win the future man of the past? >> it's not the future.
6:45 pm
it's hanging on to everything held on to the past including these union advantages and in the end it will sink the country at the state and national level. >> brett: we were looking live at the crowds that are still outside the state capital. there is another live picture. the influence of the democratic national committee and organizing for america in getting people out, getting buses and that sort of thing, we're learning more about their influence in all of this. what do you know and what do you think how it plays into the whole story? >> this is one of the things you reported on earlier. i got calls earlier in the week, that obama for america was helping to organize this. now, we know they were involved and heavily involved. we know the democratic national committee was involved. since it's been reported you are seeing national democrats trying to downplay the role. it's clear that wisconsin
6:46 pm
teachers in particular in the madison area and elsewhere want to be out there protesting. i get it. these crowds that are produced largely or large part because they are people from out of state. they are sponsoring buses, what have you. >> brett: if the bush administration, i often do the questions -- if the bush administration had to organize through the republican committee had organized buses for some issue in some state, it would have been a lot of coverage of that. >> it's a different story there. lot more coverage. i do think you see democrats back away from this and less of a political and partisan issue. they don't want to have their fingerprints on this, because again people are looking at packages unions have, these seem like reasonable cuts for this dire economy and everybody is going to take a haircut at some
6:47 pm
point. >> brett: you say scott walker has performed well? >> for a rookie, first appearance on the national stage. he hit a triple, i thought was a home run. it tells you how strong the republican bench. these young governors we never heard of coming up and how impressive in the future all of them are going to be. >> brett: up next, the friday lightning round. to lifting one of these. a unique sea salt added to over 40 campbell's condensed soups. helps us reduce sodium, but not flavor. so do a few lifts. campbell's.® it's amazing what soup can do.™
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>> brett: every week viewers vote and friday lightning round. the poll this week, the winner, multiculturalism. there we go. 39% of the vote.
6:51 pm
multiculturalism. we're back with the panel. this stems from three european leaders, nicolas sarkozy british prime minister cameron and the german chancellor merkel and also multiculturalism has failed in europe. white house press secretary says he was not familiar with those statements. >> that was a long answer, should never say that when they are so well known, had been heard around the world. what you have to say is, we understand and sympathize with our european allies that have these issues and we hope they will have success in dealing with it in the future. if you want to say nothing, that how you say it. >> brett: nia? >> i think we might here him saying pretty often. i think one of the things you can say measuring has been an example in terms of being a multicultural nation a melting
6:52 pm
pot. we saw social upheaval in the 50s and 60s. that is something the european countries are going to have look to, whether or not their countries are offering inequality and opportunities to all the groups that are emigrating to their country. >> brett: so the message is they can't live alone in separate communities and not be a part of the bigger nation as a whole? >> right. it's a more profound problem in europe than it is here because of the depth. >> brett: there are some communities that fit that bill? >> there are, but i would say germans or germans going back to millenia. it's not the same. if you have a different group of outsiders to integrate them into german culture which is different than american culture and by definition a blend of a number of different cultures. it makes it tougher in europe but the timing on this, these
6:53 pm
speeches come now, this is not at a high tense moment. things were much more tense on this issue in europe two or three years ago where parts of paris looked like a war zone. >> brett: next up, united nations vote on palestinian resolution essentially that would sanction israel, saying it's illegal for israeli settlements to move forward. the ambassador to the u.n. for the u.s. susan rice voted against that. the first veto under the obama administration at the u.n. security council saying there is i will legitimacy but it's unwise to go forward with this resolution. what about this? >> unwise is the wrong word. then she said with what regret she cast a veto. she should have said it's hypocritical and scandalous and something we reject. it's one-sided.
6:54 pm
if it had been coupled with, for example, a denunciation of the palestinians for their rejection of peace accord at camp david a second offer and third offer by olmert. every thing since 1947, perhaps i would have agreed with it. but to apologize for a one-sided resolution. let me add one fact. the state introducing this resolution was lebanon. during these troubles nobody has noticed but hezbollah took it over in a coup about a month ago. think about this hezbollah, a terror organization genocidal and anti-semitic and terrorist has a seat at the council, the premier entity that supposed to guarantee peace of the world. think of the immoral inversion
6:55 pm
of the universe. >> two choices to veto this or abstain. was the veto but to underscore the point that the u.s. that the u.n. doesn't have a place in middle east peace process. that seems take away here was. >> with the united states under president obama you would have been expected them to forestall and not let it get to this point. i think it shows more than anything utter worthlessness of united nations. you have dictators across the region literally slaughtering people in the streets and united nations are focusing on building apartments in israel. >> brett: last word, steve. the protests, they seem to be expanding, bahrain and elsewhere? >> think they will keep it standing. it be interesting if they hurt
6:56 pm
our enemies as much as they hurt us. >> brett: that is it for the panel. but making sure that your co-hanger is not mad at you. i was young, i was in shape, and i had a heart attack. you need to do the preventative things that you need to do for your heart health. for me, it means an aspirin regimen. before you begin an aspirin regimen. speo your dtor.
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>> bret: finally tonight, in the sport of cricket, the first time england played australia way back in 1882, they burned part of what is known as the wick -- wicket. they compete not for a trophy but for a small urn known as the ashes. that's what the anchor was talking about. >> andrew strouse arrived in london proudly showing off the little urn. four days at home before flying out for the world cub. belinda, i can't understand how something so small c

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